Interview with  Vladimir Minakov, CTO and co-founder of KapKan Games

KapKan Games is an ambitious and dynamic game development company. The office in Minsk was opened in the summer of 2017. Since then the team members have managed to work on various projects such as arcades, educational and cartoon based games. Today the team’s both looking for new projects and implementing its own ideas.  The company’s leaders plan to expand and open an office in Luxemburg. 

 Vladimir Minakov, CTO and co-founder of KapKan Games tells about the company’s foundation.

Why you’ve decided to focus on game development?

I’ve known Dzmitry Sukhau for a long time. We both have over 10 years in IT behind ourselves. After having gained enough experience from working on long-term projects for international companies, we sorted out priorities and decided to run our own business. Then, we scrupulously studied the market and made up our mind that games weren’t just trendy, we realized that we’d found a ready market.  
You know, people have always associated games with joy and pleasure, each game is a unique experience, it makes possible to realize the potential that you may hardly do in your real life. 

 What was your personal motivation in building the start-up?

Talking about my own motivation, I’d like to say that I’ve been teaching Java in IT Educational Centre for 5 years and what I’ve really wanted all that time was to give chance for the best students to work on non-commercial projects where they may practice and master their skills. That’s what I can do now. We are ready to support diligent students, offering them to work not only with Java but also with Unity. When we see that novices are talented we give them opportunity to work as junior-developers on commercial projects.

What does KapKan Games specialize in?

If you look at our portfolio, you’ll found mostly arcade games.  But we’ve already started developing runners , educational game, strategies and even apps for casinos. 
Our proficiency let us provide full-cycle development for the number of devices. We plan to move forward and develop in the sphere of VR technologies.  We’d like to create games for Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Sony PS VR, Google DayDream, HTC Vive. Now we mostly focus on mobile game development, which is the most popular segment on the market.  Our main tool is Unity engine.

Why Unity?

Unity suits all our requirements. This integrated platform let us approach the tasks we take upon ourselves. It features simple interface which makes possible to fix bugs during development process.  We like the way it port animation and objects.
The amount of people playing games produced on Unity has reached 770 million. That speaks for itself.

Where do you think your growth will be in two years?

The first goal is to increase the amount of ongoing projects. We promote our services both on local and foreign markets. We have 11 people on the staff, and plan to expand. I mean, this isn’t enough to realize our potential fully.  We’re going to implement new technologies in development.
As the things go well, we’ll open a subsidiary company in Luxemburg in 2018-2019.