Give your company an edge over competitors promoting your business through mobile games

 Pioneers of a branded game development market

Promotion via virtual worlds sounds like a fantasy from a well-known movie The Fifth Element. But these virtual worlds, as video games can be called, became our reality long ago.  There’re classic examples of businesses started flourishing owing to placing their products into video games: Coca-Cola’s game with its slogan “Coke wins”, Barack Obama’s Burnout Paradise, Subway meals appearing in Uncharted 3, Zool etc. One of the best examples is Coca-Cola, an attendee of a 1983 sales convention, which commissioned a carbon copy of the Space Invaders formula, a popular game of The Atari 2600, and successfully used it for the promotion of Pepsi brand. The extra-terrestrial forces were replaced by letters PEPSI and players were supposed to control a vehicle resembling a Coca-Cola bottle. Simple and perfect!


The first example of a branded game is far more encouraging taking into account how profitable that low-pressure advertising proved to be.

A real breakthrough in promotion affected businesses and the market in general, which gave a powerful incentive to video game development as a big deal of marketing strategy. A lot of business owners started using and even creating video games to promote their brands.

All could possibly become stable but not in IT sphere. Large computer platforms are becoming extinct as a result of progress in smartphone technology. Mobile games are replacing already existing computer games and changing the entire gaming industry.

Farsighted businessmen have seen a niche in the market and started to exploit it. Mobile apps and mobile game development have become a new trend of 21 century. To satisfy a want and extend boundaries companies have to keep in step with new technology and use mobile apps to promote their online businesses. Apps that suit the market are proved to increase productivity, cut costs and distinguish a particular company among its competitors.


The results of recent surveys which aims were to estimate people’s preferences in the usage of mobile apps impressed market leaders, showing a high percentage of mobile games among them, and this rate keeps growing regardless of players’ age or gender. To tackle the new media ecosystem it’s better to be aware of concrete figures showing current situation on the market.

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According to information from, it was estimated that mobile games accounted for 90 and 80 percent of total revenues of Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Having analyzed consumer behavior concerning mobile gaming, particular studies revealed that arcade and action games continue taking the leading position as these mobile genres were downloaded more than 60 million times in mid-2016. However, the situation differs depending on the region. For example, the strategy games tend to be accounting for the lion's share of monthly revenues in the USA, as they were believed to have brought in 194 million U.S. dollars in July 2016. By comparison, arcade games generated only 87 million U.S. dollars that month. All in all, starting from 51 percent of users gaming on mobile phones in 2015 it is expected that the penetration of mobile gaming in the United States will surpass 60 percent in 2018, and is projected to reach 63.7 percent in 2020.

As soon as mobile apps and the market are viewed as inseparable parts, the next issue every ambitious project should think over is how to effectively integrate mobile apps with the product or service provided.

Before delving into the strategies of promoting business through mobile games, let’s assess your readiness as an entrepreneur to cultivate an image of a modern and prosperous company and by that means affecting the sphere of influence.

Mobile games foster economic development worldwide

Rush for profit makes entrepreneurs optimize the efficiency of their enterprises and find new methods to promote their businesses. The advantage that business owners can take of using mobile apps is overwhelming. That’s enough to take an example of new payment models that make possible to swipe phones instead of credit cards. But nowadays the world’s door to prosperity can be unlocked mostly with gaming as the alternative to many other promotional tools. Using mobile games to promote your business, you can obtain a desired audience and make a buzz around your brand, as many world known corporations have already done.

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Let’s not go far and have a look at skateboarding games which continue successfully promote skateboarding brands from character clothes to in-game billboards and hoardings. In Tony Hawk games there’s the mode which let players build their own ambiance, and even ride in their favorite model of skate shoes. It’s demonstrated that even the most brazen in-game ads, when they’re placed perfectly in context, can expectedly bring desirable attention both to a game itself and a promoted brand. One more considerable benefit both developers and players can derive from branded mobile games is the possibility to unlock a new level of the game for purchasing or, for example, supplying players with promotional offers as rewards for completing levels of the game.


Knowing particular aspects of human nature such as eagerness to challenge and knowing how to implement it into ongoing projects can help you effectively promote your business to a wider audience.

Integrating mobile gaming with your business

Optimizing your web design with ecommerce web hosting tools provides the basic groundwork for promoting your business through mobile games. Promotional possibilities will then pave the way for creativity.

  1. Get your Website in Order

Whether you wouldn’t like to make your new customers feel disappointed with your actual business after playing with a fun and catchy mobile game, you should buckle down and create an e-commerce site that’s easy to navigate, visually appealing, and secure. Avoid the mistake of launching a huge marketing push before the website is ready. It’s easy to enhance your website image with templates and content management systems provided by today’s services such as the Shopify e-commerce platform. Once this is done, you can progress on to the next level of promotions.

  1. Create a Mobile Mode for your Website

Optimizing your website for smartphones and tablets will provide users with more satisfactory experience. This is simply a matter of presenting your already existing website for smaller screens. The navigation tools may need to be adjusted a bit for access with a touchpad. The last step is linking your optimized mobile website to the game.

  1. Customize Mobile Game Apps to the needs of Your Business

Games with relatively simple designs can do well for your brand image. You need to conceive how mobile games usually work. Players can try to beat their own score or play to unlock new levels of content etc. To connect it with your business, you could reward players with coupons, sales, free shipping and other discounts when they beat a level.

You may also regard mobile games as the ground for the initial introduction to your brand. Players can be suggested gaining access to the game by registering their personal details. Purchases can be connected to the mobile app, after each purchase a customer will be able to get a password that gives them an advantage in the game or unlocks a new level of content.  There’s plenty of ways how to engage your existing customers and gain new ones at the same time.

Two possible ways to put your idea into practice

Whether you are just contemplating making a mobile game to meet your current business requirements, try to avoid hastiness in decision making. Think thoroughly about two existed ways of developing a game for your business benefit: recruit your own game development team, or outsource your game development requirements to other companies. If you are having an excellent gaming idea that you’d like to implement, you can get in touch with a reputed game development studio and they will give shape to your dream. Whether it is Android or iPod game development, the leading professionals can work out the most optimal gaming solutions for your company’s needs.

Once you shaped your idea, an outsourcing game development studio will present you with a quotation for their services. Further negotiations will involve estimated development time and other essential factors. Finally, after both parties have agreed to all the terms related to game development, the actual process of game designing and development will begin. The last procedure comprises putting the game into the app stores from where they can be accessed by users all over the world.

Companies like us can help you in doing so. All from designing to development and even consultancy related to monetizing your game fall within the responsibility of KapKan Games studio. Outsourcing your game development requirements can be very cost effective.